Neil Wilson contacted me about the Vibrantink colorscheme for Vim I created a while ago based on John Lam’s settings. He wanted to include it in the vim-rails package, which might be distributed with Ubuntu Gutsy, the next release of the Ubuntu Linux distro.

The vim-rails package is a collection of vim scripts that make editing Rails applications much easier. Neil also included another Vibrantink clone for Vim: vividchalk by Tim Pope, the author of rails.vim.

Here is a comparison between the original TextMate color scheme, vibrantink.vim and vividchalk.vim. Vibrantink.vim is less colorful than vividchalk but it resembles the original TextMate theme the most, although it applies the wrong color to the class method attr_reader.

Texmate Vibrantink theme versus vibrantink.vim and vividchalk.vim

I would like to have good syntax highlighting for other languages besides Ruby (e.g. C# and LaTeX) in the future. Who knows, when I find some spare time …