I meant to blog about this for some time now

First some background information: second year computer science students at our university are supposed to do a big project to enhance their programming skills and ability to work in teams. The students can suggest a project themselves, or choose a predefined one from a list provided by the teaching staff.

Around January, I submitted a proposal to write a YAML parser for .NET. There were a couple of YAML parsers available, but none for .NET. A secondary goal was to release the final product under an open source license.

Jonathan Slenders and Christophe Lambrechts chose to do the project. Under the guidance of Tom Van Laerhoven, they produced a working YAML parser, and released it under the LGPL. It was mentioned on the YAML homepage in June. Since then they have received quite some mails from people interested in using their library.

The project will soon be placed on SourceForge. Until then, more information (including a description of the parser’s algorithm and documentation) can be found at http://lumumba.uhasselt.be/~christophe/YAML/.

The code is available through CVS.

Edit: the project is now available on Sourceforge.