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New Master’s thesis students

This year I am supervising the theses of Neal Robben (together with Geert Vanderhulst) and Tijl Lathouwers (together with Carl Bruninx).

Both theses are related to UIML and Uiml.net. Neal will be extending Uiml.net to support distributed user interfaces, while Tijl will be looking into adding metadata to user interfaces and using this metadata for adaptation purposes (e.g. personalization or device adaptation).

More information can be found on Neal’s blog and Tijl’s blog.

Annoyances while creating Visual Studio projects for Uiml.net

I am currently moving Uiml.net towards MSBuild files (a.k.a. Visual Studio project files) and experienced a few problems such as a restriction with Compact .NET’s OpenFileDialog.

After a bit of Googling, I finally know why I can’t seem to get the OpenFileDialog to look for files in \Program Files: it was just designed that way (do a quick search for OpenFileDialog on that page). Apparantly they wanted to help users organize their files, by restricting them to the \My Documents folder. Too bad they didn’t think of what developers might want to do … I want to allow people to try UIML examples when they click the “Select UIML file” button. Of course these files reside in the Uiml.net application directory itself, so I need to allow them to pick a file outside of the My Documents folder. If that wasn’t bad enough, it further restricts you to one level of subfolders within the My Documents folder!

I also noticed MSBuild has no nice way of copying a file to another path than the one it is being referenced from. I orginally wanted to copy the front-end files and vocabularies in the root directory where the Uiml.net executable is placed. Since I didn’t find a solution, I made dedicated directories for these files, and modified the code to look for them in those directories instead.

If I could tell MSBuild to copy a file to another path, I could also solve the OpenFileDialog problem just by copying the Uiml.net examples to the My Documents folder, while the rest of the application would stay in the Program Files folder.

So my (hackish) solution is now to copy all examples first into a direct subfolder of the user’s My Documents folder. Not very elegant, but it works.

Updated Uiml.net homepage

I spent some time yesterday to update the Uiml.net homepage:

New homepage for Uiml.net

We set up a wiki somewhere last year to provide more information about our UIML research. However, since Uiml.net is the main focus of our research efforts, I reorganized the wiki to be more of a homepage for Uiml.net, while still listing our publications.

I am hoping to migrate all the content of the old website (still located at Kris’ homepage) to the wiki soon.

Lately I have been enjoying Launchpad for hosting my projects and Bazaar branches. It has integrated specifications (blueprints), bug tracking, and a forum (answers). I have moved Uiml.net over to Launchpad as well. Launchpad’s integration of Bazaar branches will be useful for managing multiple experimental contributions from myself, Kris or our Bachelor’s or Master’s students.

Finally I’m hoping to put out a more or less stable release of Uiml.net by September. More information can be found at Launchpad.

Uiml.net and Cassowary.net now in Launchpad

I just registered Uiml.net and Cassowary.net in Launchpad.

Launchpad automatically creates a Bazaar branch from the CVS repository, which allows me to maintain my work in Bazaar, while still importing changes from the Uiml.net CVS tree.

Uiml.net news

It’s been a while since I reported on Uiml.net. We set up a wiki recently, which will eventually replace the old project page. There is still some content to be added though.

This year we also had some students working with or on our implementation:

A question we receive frequently is if we can send people the Visual Studio workspace. It would be good to upload that to the Wiki, and maybe do a formal release in the near future.