Virgin has been invited to answer questions from the FWC and is expected to respond today, June 22, 2018. Your salary will be increased on the new 2018 rates on Sunday, July 29 (which will be posted in your salary on Wednesday, August 15). However, they will also receive a refund of 2.25% for the period from July 2017 and an additional 2.5% for July 2018. You will receive this refund in your salary on Wednesday, August 15, 2018. If you have any questions, you can contact your local organizer Download the full newsletter here) Virgin Australia Bulletin No. 20 – 17 July 2018 The FWC has recommended Virgin Australia`s 12 points, clarification regarding the Virgin Australia Ground Crew Agreement 2018. Section 14 contains a dispute resolution clause dealing with “all issues (including those relating to the NES) “. The Commissioner considers that this does not meet the requirements of Section 186, paragraph 6 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (hereafter the Act), that an enterprise agreement must include a dispute settlement clause applicable to “all issues arising from the agreement.” They are invited to commit to pursuing this request. We note that the classification comparison in Form F17 refers to the “coach” classification and provides for annual salaries relevant to point 32.2, but it does not appear that hourly rates for this classification are included in Appendix 1 of the agreement. The Vice-President asks you to know more about why the classification rates of trainers in Schedule 1 of the agreement were omitted. The Vice-President noted that the agreement did not provide for a minimum commitment for Sunday work, while the bonus provided for a minimum salary of 4 hours for Sunday work. Given that pay rates are between 1.29% and 19.37 per cent above the corresponding rates, it does not appear that workers are better off under the agreement if they do not have a minimum commitment for Sunday work. They are invited to engage in this context.

The concept of flexibility does not define things that can be changed according to the law, but simply refers to the “terms of that agreement.” The Vice-President believes that this does not meet the requirements of the act. As such, the Vice-President indicated that the standard flexibility period would be included in the agreement. Please note that you do not have to take any action in this regard. Part-time workers are now guaranteed at least 25 hours per week (24 for international workers alone). It will come into effect on October 8, 2018. Home/ News / Virgin Australia Ground Crew Agreement 2018 Member Update The Vice-President notes that the termination clauses under clause 31.2 of the agreement appear to allow for a reduction in employee redundancy once appropriate alternative employment has been found. Please note that in order to reduce employee occupancy costs, the employer must submit an application to the Fair Work Commission that determines the issue in accordance with section 120 of the Act. The Vice-President therefore asks you to commit that workers receive no less severance pay than is due to them under the NES and that article 31.2 of the agreement is conditional on the employer complying with paragraph 120 of the act. This will be based on the roll-roll cycle, which will begin on October 8, 2018. Instead of working on ROS days, full-time employees work 18h50min per 6-day cycle.