Texas Public Universities. A articulation agreement is a series of transfer plans between two institutions that allow for a precise and effective transfer between institutions. The transfer plan is a provision of both the community school and the university, in which courses taught under a plan are directly charged to the university`s diploma. These plans are also called 2/2 agreements, i.e. the first two years in community school and the last two years at university. HCCS students can expect a seamless transfer and maximize the portability of the course work by following the university`s transfer plan. NOTE: An established transfer plan guarantees the transfer of the courses to a certain major to the transfer institution of his choice. However, the student must partner with the university to ensure that he has the latest update. This agreement will support the unwavering transfers from Galveston College to UHD as well as reverse transfers (transfer of university credits to a community college to earn association degrees). And to facilitate the transition from a degree program associated with bachelor`s degrees, UHD and Galveston College will come together to allow students to enrol in both higher education institutions. Similarly, students benefit from a co-operative board that allows students to obtain specific advice using study cards to effectively direct them to programs appropriate for certain programs. Dr.

W. Myles Shelton, President of Galveston College, and Dr. Juan Sénchez Muéoz, President of UHD, put their pens on paper on March 19 to sign a student success articulation agreement. This pact requires both institutions to create smooth pathways for Galveston College students who wish to move to UHD; Making available resources such as curricula and cooperation advice; licenses and data exchange. Above: Dr. W. Myles Shelton (right), President of Galveston College, and Dr. Juan Sénchez Muéoz, President of the University of Houston-Downtown, sign on March 19 with Daniel Villanueva , Vice President for Registration Services and Registrar of UHD, Dr. Faiza Khoja, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at UHD; Dr. Eric Carl Link, Senior Vice President for University and Student Affairs and Propst at UHD; And Dr. Cissy Mathews, vice-chair of the teaching committee at Galveston College.

With the authorization of the UHD Any HCC student who has earned less than 30 hours of transferable university courses with acceptable grades can register for a joint admission agreement. You may not be on HCC`s academic suspension. Joint Admission is a special alliance between your Community College and a University of Texas. This partnership has been designed to make your transition to university as smooth as possible. As a Community College student, participants in joint admission can access much of the resources available to university students and obtain certain benefits for universities before enrolling in the university. As a common foster student, the student is entitled to the following UHD benefits: $50 The application fee is issued after the conclusion of the YES UHD contract has established joint admission partnerships with Area Community and Junior Colleges to help you move to four-year university. Joint admission means that you are actually admitted to both institutions while you attend the community school and/or both. One of the advantages for you is that you are able to get advice from UHD consultants while you are a community/junior student. With a transfer guide for your planned major, you have all the information you need to make your license the most effective. The following higher education institutions participate in joint authorizations with the UHD: recruiters encourage students to ask the financial assistance offices of their selected universities to make an estimate of financial eligibility.