Online Registration Erasmus Student This first step is a matter for the Office of International Relations and should be closed at: For any problems or questions, write to Erasmus Coordinators at the Facultad de Filologa: the coordinator is the teacher who can help you choose your classes and solve all the questions related to the university. You can ask for advice to prepare your apprenticeship agreement. You will receive contact information from your coordinator at your university. You can see the information below about the coordinators of the Filologa Facultad. Estudiante con destino Africa, Oriente Medio, América, Asia u Oceana: debes contratar un seguro medi privado, ya que en la mayoria de los paises de fuera de la UE los servicios sanitarios tienen un coste privado elevado. El seguro deberé contar con las coberturas exactas que te indiquen desde tu universidad de destino, y también te podrén recomendar qué compa`as funcionan mejor. Si no lo tienes claro, preg`ntanos en RRII. 2. What are the particular advantages of the tandem over other language courses? What is new about the project is that it is offered to Erasmus and Spanish students, which gives them two ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. The credits are all practical. To this end, the project has a considerable number of tutors from different departments who have joined forces to work in pairs and guide the learning process and evaluate the results.

Each student participating in this recognized activity receives two credits each. 3. What are the characteristics of this program? The tandem methodology is based on three pedagogical pillars: reciprocity, autonomy and authenticity. A) Mutual: 3. Visita en la web de tu universidad de destino y empieza a buscar informacion sobre plazos, documentos requeridos, alojamiento, asignaturassignaturas… Transcripts of recordings are sent by the Office of International Relations to your university as soon as the professors have published the notes. Given the high number of Erasmus students per year, it usually takes them some time.