I came across a blog post from John Lam, the creator of RubyCLR. He made a rudimentary Vim color scheme based on VibrantInk by Justin Palmer. VibrantInk is a color scheme for the fabulous TextMate editor, and my personal favorite.

So I tried John’s version to make my Vim experience match up to TextMate’s in terms of eye-candy. It worked fine for GVim (the GUI version), but not in a plain terminal unfortunately.

I eventually discovered a great tutorial on how to convert GUI color schemes to 256 color terminal versions. After following the instructions and using some of the tools they provided, I managed to port it to the terminal.

The results (for Vim and GVim respectively):

VibrantInk Vim color scheme

VibrantInk Vim color scheme (GUI version)

The theme can be downloaded from the Vim website. Enjoy!